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May 26, 2020

How to Get Unpacked in Less Than Two Weeks

When you and your family make a big move and finally get that last box loaded into your brand new home, it can feel both exciting and unsettling. New homes are often unfamiliar and don’t have that ‘homey’ feeling until you’re completely moved in and comfortable in your surroundings. Without a plan of action, unpacking into your entire house can take weeks and sometimes months. With a clear list of how to tackle this arduous job, you and your loved ones can start feeling settled and excited about your new home faster! With decades of experience moving families across cities and across the nation, Armstrong – San Antonio has all the helpful tips and tricks to get you settled in your new home.

Safety first

Right away you should get familiar with the basic safety features of your new home. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, make sure there’s a fire extinguisher, locate your circuit breaker and water and HVAC controls, and, if your home came with a security system, learn how it works. You should also check your home’s air system in case it needs a new filter, this can be easily overlooked by landlords and previous property owners.

Disinfect and dust

While your new home may be brand new to you, the fact remains that other people may have been in and out of your new living space. One of the first things you should do is disinfect and dust your new space. It is important to remember dusting, especially if you or your family have allergy sensitivities. Dust can include animal dander, soil particles, skin cells, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, and more foreign things you don’t want your family breathing in. You’ll want to prioritize a good deep-clean before getting settled so you don’t have to move around various pieces of furniture.

Unpack with purpose

This is where you really start making your home yours. Follow a plan of action so you can feel as comfortable as possible in your new home, faster.

  1. Locate your essentials. Items like bedding, kitchen tools and clothing will all take priority.
  2. Start with the kitchen. Hook up appliances, unpack dishware, organize your new pantry, and really start making your kitchen livable.
  3. Move on to bedrooms. Spend time really putting bedroom pieces where you want them permanently.
  4. Move non-essential items to your attic or basement space. Anything that doesn’t need to be in your constant living space can be moved out of sight to give you more breathing room.
  5. Finally – decorate! Make yourself at home with your favorite decorative pieces and pictures.

New address information

Whether you’re moving from a different area of San Antonio, a neighboring city or a different state, this is a crucial step you’ll be glad you took care of early. Updating all your new information will get your life back into its new routine faster and with fewer headaches. If you did not do so prior to your move, make time during your first week in the new home to go online to complete a change of address form. Depending on where you’re moving from you may need to register your vehicle for new tags, as well. Lastly, call any banks or financial companies you partner with and update your information.

Get to know your new surroundings

When you’ve accomplished your essential unpacking to-dos, don’t forget to take a break and get to know your new neighborhood. Take time to introduce yourself to your new neighbors, check out what parks, restaurants, or other attractions might be within walking distance of your new home and find your new favorite grocery store or lunch spot. If you have children, try getting to know what other kids are in your neighborhood and set up playdates so they feel more adjusted to the big changes.

It’s important to get settled at a good speed so you can get back into the swing of your daily life with ease. Don’t push yourself too far and take unpacking breaks often to prevent move-in burnout. If you stay well-rested, approach every step with a purpose and plan, and stay excited about this transition, you’ll feel right at home in no time.

Armstrong – San Antonio has helped hundreds of families get settled in their new homes. If you’d like to find out more about what the Armstrong family of teams can do for you, contact us today via phone at 210.225.6683 or online.

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